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Monkey Patching is Fun!

Don't listen to me! I lied and I confess. But! Here's a pragmatic way to monkey patch your/others' code. Just don't forget to add a

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Mozilla made their debugger stand-alone

debugger.html is a modern JavaScript debugger from Mozilla, built as a web application with React and Redux. This project was started early this year in

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Angular 2 final released

Today, at a special meetup at Google HQ, we announced the final release version of Angular 2, the full-platform successor to Angular 1. So we lived

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5 emerging programming languages |

If you're looking to start learning a new programming language you may wonder what should be you pick and if the new knowledge you get will

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Should I continue to use `var` after ES6?

Here are some opinions from the author of the article as well as some very experienced technical book writers. I personally support the idea of using

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JavaScript is taking over the World

We've already seen how JavaScript being the only programming language on the browser became more famous than expected. NodeJS helped a lot about that. IoT loves

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Performance testing NodeJS with connection pooling

Here you will find a very thorough explanation with tests and examples showing that we should think what can slow down a sizeable NodeJS application.

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Wow, a natural language understanding bot in NodeJS!

Just check this tutorial how to do it yourself on

Continue reading ... : Best of Atom: Features, Plugins, Acting Like Sublime Text

Lately I've decided to switch from IDEA and SublimeText to Atom. Before I chose Atom I've checked the 3 most used: Light Table, Brackets and Atom.

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You probably shouldn't use a JavaScript Framework <

"There are other ways to reduce layout thrashing than React and it’s virtual dom. You can build encapsulated, reusable components without Angular’s directives. You

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