Broken WordPress Visual Editor and Admin pages? There’s a strange fix for that.

If you like me after updating to the latest wordpress version have troubles and JS errors while starting a new post or browsing through the admin pages you need to edit your wp-config.php file in your WordPress installation directory and add at the top:

define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true);

Save the file and refresh the pages, browse through the admin pages, start a new post. Everything is looking fine now.

This fix is not a total solution but it works so far so let’s see what the next update will do for us.

Just started learning PhalconPHP

I just started learning it by reading its online documentation. I will definitely have to find a book about it and there is at least one out there and also I have to pass through all the examples like 10 times until I sit and make something with it. The installation of course is the easiest part, even inside a Vagrant box or Docker.

Find files with the same name in PHPStorm

Just happenned to need a file with the same name but in different subdirs and I needed all occurences. This comes from an old style of developing on a now very busy site and one thing is to continue with the copy/paste or spend a good amount of time replacing the old logic. For now I have minutes to finish and so I started looking at one of the files for a pattern to search as the search is something I use very often and am used to it.

I didn’t pay attention to the Navigation menu in PHPStorm and checked File and Edit then decided to google about my problem and found this one:

Just open Navigate -> File.. and search for the file by its name. Then click the pin button to have it like a regular search result! 🙂