2 websites I am using for language learning

These are my all time favorite websites for language learning:

I’ve started my online language learning with this one: Learn Japanese the Hard Way: http://www.textfugu.com/
Koichi is The Man. He has a successful blog about everything Japanese at http://www.tofugu.com/ and he successfully created this self language learning site for all Japanese loving people like me! 🙂
I’ve bought the life-time subscription and I am very happy about that!

The second self language learning website I’ve found some time ago and adore is: http://www.rocketlanguages.com/
As you can see there are enormous amount of different languages one may(must?) learn there!
You can even learn in your native language if it’s one of the most used in the world.
This one is not cheap on first sight but after passing the demo for 6 days I’ve realized that I’ve finally found what I was looking for and I’ve bought Everything about the language I was interested with! All courses, all levels! And since then I can only improve my knowledge!

There are other websites and mobile/desktop applications that have to be mentioned here but I wanted to accent on the main websites one should use and everything else will be to compliment his or her language study.