Percona Cloud Tools for MySQL

Update: Check the documentation on this link for an easy install of the agent. Make sure the toolkit is installed too. Then go to the cloud dashboard and enable the metrics. You may also need to add your MySQL server on that page before activating the stats.

Here’s an article from the great Percona guys about using their new cloud tool to easy log and monitor your mysql database instances:

You should definitely try and use it as it provides some data you may never thought about and will help you see the big picture about your servers.

If the link to percona-toolkit deb is not working for you and you’re using Ubintu like me you can use the percona Ubuntu repos and install the toolkit that way:

apt-get install percona-toolkit

Installing the pt agent is nothing but:

pt-agent --install --user={mysql username} --password={password} --api-key={API Key copied from web site}

And then going to the Percona’s site and setting: Agents -> Services -> Query Analytics -> On

The pt-agent install command will show you if something’s missing and will tell you how to install it. This time I needed:

apt-get install libjson-perl libwww-perl

If you’re installing it inside a docker container you’ll need cron installed and running with:

apt-get install cron
cron -f

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