GitWeb theme and improvements from kogakure/gitweb-theme

For the full documentation go here: kogakure/gitweb-theme @ GitHub.

This is a GitHub like theme for GitWeb.

To install it execute the following:

git clone
cd gitweb-theme/
./setup -vi --install

This is the log I’ve had with a successfull install:

./setup -vi --install
./setup: [NOTICE] - Target not set, using default path: '/usr/share/gitweb'
./setup: Is this ok? [y] | [n] : t./setup: Is this ok? [y] | [n] : y
./setup: Backing up original files, continue? [y] | [n] : y
./setup: Backing up...
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/gitweb.css' -> '/usr/share/gitweb/static/gitweb.css.bak'
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-favicon.png' -> '/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-favicon.png.bak'
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-logo.png' -> '/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-logo.png.bak'
./setup: ...done
./setup: Linking theme files, continue? [y] | [n] : y
./setup: Linking...
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/gitweb.css' -> '/root/gitweb-theme/gitweb.css'
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-favicon.png' -> '/root/gitweb-theme/git-favicon.png'
'/usr/share/gitweb/static/git-logo.png' -> '/root/gitweb-theme/git-logo.png'
./setup: ...done
./setup: [NOTICE] - Installation complete!

Install the syntax highlighting feature:

Under Ubuntu:

apt-get install highlight

and then put this line in /etc/gitweb.conf:

$feature{'highlight'}{'default'} = [1];

For Gravatar support in GitWeb put this line in /etc/gitweb.conf:

$feature{'avatar'}{'default'} = ['gravatar'];

If it doesn’t work for you, you have to manually replace the css, logo and favicon files or edit /etc/gitweb.conf and change the paths to point to the new theme.

Put your GitLab on HTTPS

For this article I will use the following configuration: GitLab Docker image by sameersbn ...

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