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I’ve been through this. Testing and redirecting wrong urls and missing pages. I have a site with a couple of million pages where soft 404 and also not found pages can increase to hundreds of thousands after a big automatic update. I managed to handle all of these pages as a single developer of my own sites by refactoring and testing the code making it more predictable so when I change multiple pages I know what to expect. Here comes the very good communication with Google’s Webmaster tools with the help of which I discover bad things on time and can even improve an already a good positioned website.

Of course one of the big things to watch out for are 404 not found and 500 server errors. So let’s read about the former here:

Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Do 404s hurt my site?

Put your GitLab on HTTPS

For this article I will use the following configuration: GitLab Docker image by sameersbn ...

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