Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More) | WIRED

GitHub is Facebook for geeks. Instead of uploading videos of your cat, you upload software. Anyone can comment on your code and add to it and build it into something better. The trick is that it decentralizes programming, giving everyone a new kind of control. GitHub has shaken up the way software gets written, making coding a little more anarchic, a little more fun, and a lot more productive.

Source: Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More) | WIRED

nativescript.org : Cross-Platform Native Development with Javascript

Build truly native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps with Javascript and CSS. Try NativeScript open-source framework for cross-platform development.

Source: Cross-Platform Native Development with Javascript

After trying Ionic I was very happy with the current condition of the mobile apps frameworks that give you the possibility to write in JavaScript only. This one goes a step further by not using the WebView component to render a local web page but uses native UI components. Let’s see how it is. Check on their website for a very easy start!

An introduction to JavaScript-based DDoS | Cloudflare blog

Source: An introduction to JavaScript-based DDoS

It was not long ago when a similar attack happened against GitHub. I hope in the near future such things become very hard to do for the average hacker and the clever people will prefer to be white hats.

Visual Studio Code comes to Windows, Mac, and Linux | ITworld

As part of the Microsoft cross-platform assault, a new editor called Visual Studio code has been released with support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Source: Visual Studio Code comes to Windows, Mac, and Linux | ITworld

I try to avoid Win* stuff and when I have to use it I make it look and feel like Linux. But if they continue to do software of that kind I may start using it.

Touch scroll ConEmu under Windows + some other stuff

So.. I have my Win8 tablet and I have all kinds of dev environments installed on it. It can handle a lot, believe me.

I was using for a long time a combination of git bash console + increased console size in the default Windows’ console settings: rows and cols. I really appreciate the git bash here option.

These days I stumbled upon ConEmu, received many good reviews about it and decided to try it.

I am still discovering its features but so far I removed/unregistered the git bash context menus and use the same environment inside ConEmu – it really gives you everything you need: I have the git bash console inside, again a console window without horizontal limit of the characters, easy select, copy and paste, etc.

However if you like me want to use it for scrolling on the tablet you have to use two fingers. You will be in selection mode with one finger. If you prefer you can disable the selection mode for sh.exe in the settings – to not accidentally copy a part of the text in the console while you are trying to scroll.