MS OneNote is now Free for everyone!

Today I’ve read that the free OneNote will not be a privilege for Windows 8 users anymore. It looks like from now on you can just got to the website and download it even if you don’t have Windows 8 from here.

I’ve started using the app since I’ve bought my amazing Win8 tablet from Asus: T100. I wanted to try every program that comes with the tablet and accidentally I clicked on OneNote and since then I am using it A LOT! 🙂

It’s very easy to use the touch version of it (the one that comes with Windows 8) and on the same tablet I already have the Office 2013 for free where OneNote 2013 is a desktop version of the program and has some features missing in the quick to open and use touch version.

Here’s the place for me to tell you that I really like to have the latest Windows Desktop and one big ssh console connected to a couple of Linux hosts situated on remote or local (virtual) machines. I’ve been using openSUSE and Ubuntu desktops a lot but Windows 7 changed that and now I am a Windows fan but without putting my back on Linux at all!