About Me

Hello my friend! 🙂Me!

This is my first serious blog installment and I am going to populate it with everything new I do or think every day or week.

I am a PHP Web Developer professionally for about 10 years.

Currently I am becoming an addicted JavaScript developer. I can’t stop reading about the MEAN stack and the JavaScript fundamentals and doing something with that knowledge on my GitHub account.

Before PHP it was ASP, before ASP it was Turbo Pascal 7 and Delphi 4, C++ Builder, Borland C++, etc. Looks like I started developing for the Windows Desktop and then the time of the Internet came and I’ve stumbled upon PHP and staid there(until JavaScript’s popularity).

I have a day job but some really interesting things happen in my free time when I read and write about any new technology or service I can find and probably use in my personal projects later.

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and pages and come back again and again.

You can also follow me on Twitter and GitHub.

Let’s program together!

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